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Dear friends,
We understand, given the type of care we provide, that our patients and the community at large are beginning to wonder how we are handling the COVID-19 situation. See below for an update:
-We are monitoring the status of COVID-19 in Indiana daily and frequently checking with CDC and ISDH.
-Our home care and hospice staff hold daily briefings.
-We have held a mandatory staff in-service on COVID-19 and put into place recommendations from the federal and state government, including our local health department.
-We remain committed to providing compassionate and professional care to our community during this time.

* * * We’re all in this together, friends, be kind to your neighbor today * * *

Hospice provides end-of-life when a cure is no longer possible. Hospice emphasizes quality of life and comfort care.  We offer medications, supplies, and medical equipment, as well as instruction, support and bereavement care. Click here to see our Hospice Awards.

Home Care provides professional health services, allowing you to stay at home as you recover. With direction from your physician, a personalized plan is developed to promote the highest level of independence. Click here to see our Hospice Awards.

Lifeline is a personal response system which links you to 24-hour assistance at the push of a button allowing you to move freely around your home or yard with the confidence of knowing that if you need help, emergency response or assistance, it is only a push button away.

Have A Question? Call 574-372-3401 or email us.    

Then & Now – 44 Years of Caring for Local Residents

A vision of caring for people that was started by eight nurses and numerous community leaders 44 years ago continues today through the passion of a new generation of nurses, medical social workers, therapists, and support team. Two of the eight nurses, Imogene Canan and Joy Carlson recalled how the organization started. “We kept talking about the need in our community for patients to recover at home,” said Carlson. “We were very determined.”

Today, Kosciusko Home Care and Hospice operates 7 programs: home care, hospice, The Help Center (locally-raised funds to defray patient and family expenses), Medication and Dental Assistance, Kid’s Smile Kosciusko, Lifeline and private duty care.  They also partner with REAL Services. A large portion of its funding comes from the K21 Health Foundation, United Way of Kosciusko County, county support, and local donations.


The future of health care is a serious concern for all of us.  There are many unknowns, but our dedicated staff knows one thing for certain – we want our agency to be available in Kosciusko County for the next family who needs our help.  Your generous gift will make that possible.