Hospice Services

Hospice staff members work together as a team to support the patient as well as the patient’s loved ones. Hospice care is not limited to a person’s home. Hospice care can be received in a variety of institutional settings including: nursing homes, assisted livings, group homes, and the hospital. The healthcare team sees a person’s place of residence as their home and gives all patients the same care and services regardless of location. The patient will be able to choose the type of staff involved in his/her care. The services available include:

Registered Nurse

Each patient will have a Registered Nurse Case Manager.  This nurse will be responsible for coordinating care with the patient’s doctor.  The nurse will also address needs regarding pain and symptom management.

Medical Social Worker

A social worker is available to provide supportive counseling and provide information on the grief often experienced during this process.  The social worker can also review available community resources.

Spiritual Counselor

The spiritual counselor is available to provide spiritual support and perform spiritual rituals as requested by the patient or caregiver.  The Spiritual Counselor can also contact the patient’s spiritual leader if requested.

Hospice Aide

The aide is available to assist with personal care needs of the patient, such as: bathing, mouth care, skin care, shaving, washing hair, and changing bed sheets.  The aides can also educate caregivers and provide tips on ways to care for the patient.


The homemaker can perform light housekeeping duties, make meals, or run errands for the patient.


A volunteer can spend time with the patient and caregivers to provide companionship. Volunteers are also available to provide practical support, such as: making meals, reading to the patient, walking the patient’s dog, running errands, writing letters for the patient, or sitting with the patient while the caregiver takes a break.

Durable Medical Equipment


For comfort and symptom management

*Other services, such as physical therapy and occupational therapy, are available if recommended by the Case Manager and approved by the doctor.

*Bereavement services are provided to a patient’s loved ones after the patient’s death. These services are provided free of charge.

5 Star Rating for Excellent Patient Care in 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016.

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